Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Small Space Decorating

Its almost that time, time for new college students everywhere to pack up and finally move into the dorm. This summer we have had mother daughter duos coming in and preparing to transform dorm rooms across the country into beautiful and functional rooms and we were so excited to help in the process.

Still need some inspiration? Or don't have a daughter moving into the dorm but still want some inspiration?

Here are some fun yet functional ideas to transform any small space into a beautiful place.

1. Bedding 
Start with a neutral in a small space. Especially in a dorm. From year to year you are most likely going to want to do something different, so invest a a great neutral duvet set and then buy a fun throw to place on the end of your bed or funky pillows to coordinate with the basics. This also applies to a small place, start with a neutral and then you can add color with accent pieces and detailing.

2. Walls 
In most dorm rooms you are going to be forced to settle with the wall color they have given you, which will most likely be white, white, or white. So invest in some artwork or picture frames with wide trim. These pieces can camouflage the walls and really make a statement.

3.  Fragrances 
A good candle or diffuser can transform the feel of a room and create a great atmosphere. But be safe!

4. Details 
Small details that can remind you of home are always treasured pieces of decor.

Happy decorating!

With love,


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